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T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons, established in 1911, is the parent company of the US $ 8.5 billion TVS group and is the largest automobile corporate dealer in India.

TVS & Sons also has two subsidiary companies that include:
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited – India’s leading third party logistics service provider and TVS Automobile Solutions Limited – India’s largest independent after-market service provider.

TVS Automobile Solutions Private Limited (TASPL), India’s leading player in the automobile aftermarket business, aims at providing innovative, technology based global delivery model helping manufacturers to connect with customers, garages and retailers directly.

TVS group is the largest automobile corporate dealer in India. The service focused company provides employment to over 10000 people with revenue over INR 9000 Crores and it operates through three divisions, TVS, Sundaram Motors and Madras Auto Service.

TVS is one of the largest spare parts industry in India, it is known for its diversified industrial conglomerates and is headquartered in Madurai and internationally in Chennai. TVS has a presence in 129 countries with 73 holding group companies around the country. The largest and most visible subsidiary is TVS Motor Company, a Multinational Motorcycle Company that is also the third-largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer in India. TVS specializes in the manufacturing of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, auto-components, hardware electronics, high tensile fasteners, die casting products, brakes, wheels, tires, axles, seating systems, corrosion management, fuel injection components, electronic and electrical components and even has vehicle dealerships of its own.


2003 its started the Roadside Assistance Business of TASPL was hived off into a separate entity and christened as TVS Auto Assist India Limited (TVS AA) and is a 100% subsidiary of the 1,000 Cr TASL group. TVS Auto Assist provides 24×7 Roadside Assistance to its customers, operating in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customers (B2C) models and has provided RSA services to more than 30 clients. It commands one of the largest networks in India through its 24×7 multi-lingual Call Centers, Own Patrol and Authorized Service Providers.

TVS Auto Assist (India) Ltd is India’s largest Roadside Assistance (RSA) Service Provider. It is a 24/7 Emergency Service Provider that reaches out to citizens anytime anywhere.

 They possess over 6200+ Authorized Service Providers covering 28 states and 2000+ cities and have its Own Fleet operations in 42 major cities.

TVS Auto Assist has the largest network in India and provides 24×7 Roadside Assistance to its customers, operating in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customers (B2C) models. The services cover taking care of your vehicle whether it is a car or a motorcycle. TVS Auto Assist in fact handles at least one breakdown every two minutes across the country. They work above and beyond for their customers aligning with the company’s motto “Here at TVS Auto Assist their team is ready to serve you, Anytime Anywhere”.

The Three Pillars

TVS Auto Assist’s goal is to protect you, the motorist, and to ensure your journey is hassle-free. Their purpose is to provide you help in the case of emergency whenever you get stranded on the road due to breakdowns or accidents, or any unfortunate occurrences. Last but not the least they focus to make your car safe for the road with quick on-site repairs.

Why TVS Auto Assist should be your choice?

TVS Auto Assist provides services across India in more than 2000 cities and in 28 states. It owns more than a thousand state-of-the-art flatbed trucks for patrolling and towing services. They control a network of multi-lingual, multi-location, sophisticated tech enabled call centers. The company has more than 6200+ authorized Service Provider Networks with a workforce of more than 15,000 technicians all over India. More than 4 lakh customers have enrolled their services. From day one, TVS Auto Assist has attended more than 9 lakh breakdowns. They own fleet of 150 vehicles and are present in 42 cities; they care for you and are there to look out for you. With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is set at 87.5%, you know that you are in safe hands.


TVS Auto Assist offers you three packages that are all affordable and offer multiple services.  The common inclusion of these packages are On-spot repairs, Cab Assistance, Emergency Accident Towing Assistance, Flat Tire Service, Emergency Fuel Delivery, Car Key Repairs, Emergency Car Breakdown Services, Accommodation, Coverage Area and Emergency.

Gold Membership: It is at an economical price of Rs.1499 per car for one year. The extra benefit of this package is what it offers apart from the above inclusions which are Emergency Roadside Breakdown Assistance 3 times per car per year (PAN India), Cab Assistance which is available at a nominal cost and free car towing services with regular trucks up to 25km.

Platinum Membership:  It is a premium road side assistance offer with a pricing that is not a premium expense because it retails at a small amount of Rs.2999 per car yearly.  Along with all the benefits found in Gold Membership customers can also avail emergency roadside assistance up to 6 times, free cab assistance up to 25kms and also a free car towing service with regular trucks up to 50kms. For bikes the yearly cost is Rs.499 with all the common inclusion found in packages. All in all with TVS Auto Assist, no matter when or for how long you’re riding, you can always expect to enjoy a hassle-free journey!

Commercial Package: This package is an assistance plan, costing Rs 399 yearly for all SCVs (up to 2.5 tons) and Rs.499 yearly for LCV & HCV. Mechanical assistance, minor electrical work, fuel line bleeding and fan belt replacement are all provided with free labor charges so customers are only liable to pay for vehicle parts. Towing and co-ordination charges for the first 50Kms are free. Fuel assistance is provided free of cost, whereas only fuel cost is chargeable. The other services joined in this package are battery jump start, flat tyre assistance, cab assistance, key assistance, load transfer coordination and medical assistance, the coordination is free but the product is chargeable.

Next time when you hesitate for going on road trips, always remember that TVS Auto Assist is there for you -“Kahin Bhi Kabhi Bhi”.

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