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Clovia is one of the leading and most trusted brand for lingerie brands in India, headquartered in Noida. Clovia boasts about the wide range of choices and high-quality products, which makes it a one-stop destination that covers all the needs of under fashion. It’s an experience from the moment you choose the design until it lands in your wardrobe.


Lingerie – It’s a conversation to be done behind closed doors, an all-girls group, and most importantly talk softly, when using the words like bra or lingerie. Does it have to be this way? No! But with the majority of men running our neighborhood, it can get troublesome for a woman to shop as they feel embarrassed, which leads to awkwardness. With vanilla as the only option about seven years ago, a little color or design would lead to a skyrocketing of the price of that piece. Then there is the big gap in our country when it comes to intimate wear comparing to the global evolution, and one of the primary reasons was the restriction and not proper channel to give feedback affecting the improvement and variations.

All these challenges gave rise to a team in 2013 that started working on technology and manufacturing supply chain creation, and two years later, in 2015, Clovia was launched. That day made a mark, which revolutionized the under fashion world, as Clovia expanded with that multiple sub-categories were added like maternity and beginners range and supplementary categories like nightwear, shapewear, and Activewear.


Clovia’s being a fully stacked lingerie brand strives to provide brand experience, from the moment one lays the eye on a piece till it reaches the wardrobe, thus overseeing every part of its supply chain, calling it to mind to the wardrobe. At Clovia, the four-level quality control is ensured by in-house designs, in-house raw materials production, and third party manufacturing units exclusively working for the company and product distribution via direct sale channels. One of the primary reasons for its success is the technology utilized during the initial stage of product development. Every product before manufacturing is created first in small quantities, which then is studied and monitored through the latest backend technology predicting future sales based on the sales patterns and customer feedbacks further proposing the styles and quantities needed to be produced.

All these extensive study and monitoring has allowed Clovia to make headway as a true fast fashion brand, that is economical, appealing, and efficient.


Clovia’s objective is to redefine and delimit the Indian lingerie market and give customer choices beyond standard cuts, shapes, and colors. One mantra which is followed at Clovia is, lingerie being a critical part of one’s wardrobe doesn’t need to be drab and boring. Moreover, Clovia’s foundation is an amalgamation of fashion and technology that actively responds to the needs of the customer along with feedback consideration. Feedbacks help provide products that the customer wants not what’s easy to sell.

What molded Clovia’s success today is the three elements embedded in the DNA of the enterprise; in-house designing and production ensuring strict control on quality, smart technology, and improvising based on customer feedback.

Clovia takes pride in its in-house designing, raw materials that are handpicked plus manufacturing its products, thus managing the entire product life cycle. The innovative high on style brands is the result of an in-house eminent designing team with over a century of combined designing experience. Fabrics, laces, and satin are imported from around the globe, and everything gets manufactured in India. Clovia’s USP is defined by its variety of styles. With 200+ styles launched every month and 75% of the inventory less than a month old, the customer gets choices fresh as a daisy whenever she visits. With a fusion of color, comfort, and fashion, a little joy can be added to a woman’s lingerie experience, starting her day on a bright note.


Clovia focuses on a diverse customer segment. Every segment has unique expectations and different needs. Clovia caters to four primary segments. Starting with women aged 25-35, this group focuses more on quality and comfort. A comfortable fit that goes well with workwear and is familiar with the online medium. Then comes the age group of 18-24, which focuses on students and new first jobbers crushing their first milestone, not particularly committed to the brand but experiments with colors, prints designs, and straps and focus on the accessibility and economical products. Following the next group, the product aim at 35+ groups, with primary concern to find the right fit considering the body has changed in the last decade.

Their loyalty lies with product and style, with cotton as a preferred material. And lastly, the largest growing segments are the men looking to shop a gift for their partners. The majority of this group comes around the festive season. The newly launched range for teenage buyers received a tremendous response, which today grew into full blown range.

Clovia has changed the face of the under fashion industry in India and has become the bridge that connects the Indian lingerie market to the global level. Find your joy in everything you wear.

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Aalok Kumar

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