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Cactus Communications is the world’s largest provider of scholarly communication and technology services to academia moguls and life sciences, the publishing industry, and more. With an objective to amplify the voice of science and with more than eighteen years of experience, CACTUS wants to connect the scientific community to a global audience from every corner of the globe, through the innovation of technology and striving to create a difference in our everyday life.

Dawn of Cactus Communications

The introduction of the internet in the late 1900s has revolutionized the communication system. In the early 2000s, the U.S had only 6% internet users and blogs, portals, intranets, and wikis became common electronic dissemination methods for professionals, amateurs, and businesses to conduct knowledge management. Whereas in India the idea of the internet was still less attractive, after the introduction of the broadband sector, there was considerable growth after a decade.

Once the internet was known to the world, it then becomes the duty of the people to fill the gap and build a virtual bridge to connect globally. This need was realized by the brothers Abhishek and Anurag, with so many changes and researches happening around the globe, they wanted to build a medium for researchers in the East and the West. In 2002 they co-founded Cactus Communications. Editage was CACTUS’s first business brand, it offered high-quality English Language editing and gave a chance for non-English speaking researchers to bring their A-game and level up in the playing field.

Insight into Cactus Communications

Cactus Communications caters to research and ventured research communication by providing multi-resource support to a distinct segment of clients in the specialist sector.

There is two primary division of CACTUS, Academia and Life Sciences.

Academia supports journals, publishers, and publication societies to enhance the quality of their work, to amplify the impact and to acquire high-value research output by providing end to end editorial solutions, encyclopedic research promotion solution to reach larger audiences and workflow solution which is driven by AI-powered products. Academia also supports researchers and research labs through accessible coaching programs, webinars, and online courses led by experienced coaches. Translation and editorial services help the researchers to prepare manuscripts asnd publication support services to help to make the journey hassle-free. After publishing it also promotes the research through various channels be its social media platforms, blogs, press release, video summaries, infographics, etc. Academia also provides consultative supports through promotional strategies to build a brand to universities and research institutes.

On the other hand, Cactus Life Sciences works with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, even startups and research institutes globally to advance and reserve the engagement with researchers, physicians, patients, and regulatory bodies. With a projected value of over USD 600 billion by 2025, The global medical device industry is one of the fastest-growing healthcare markets, as Europe and China have raised the bar the device manufacturers have to work harder to meet the quality standards for regulatory documentation and higher risk for regulatory and market strategy. Cactus Communications supports its clients by preparing and maintaining their Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs) to meet both the current MEDDEV 2.7/1 Rev4 and new MDR standards. The rapid advancement in the past decade the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has witnessed significant changes, the medical affairs experts with hands-on experience offer comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of medical affairs.

Introducing CACTUS Family

There are six branches of the CACTUS family, Editage, Impact Science, UNSILO, CACTUS Life Sciences, R, and CACTUS Labs.

Editage founded in 2002 is the first brand of CACTUS a garland of publication support services with over 2000 native English editors and one of the largest in-house editing teams in the industry. With expertise on over a thousand subjects and delivering high-quality editorial support, Editage is a proud member of several industry organizations such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and has the largest number of BELS- and CMPP-certified editors and writers in the industry.

Impact Sciences primarily focuses on communicating and amplifying the research, by providing author-centric bespoke communication services Impact Sciences magnifies the research impact. With the vision to make ideas more accessible to a global audience to empower every researcher. Impact Sciences supports the author throughout the process and also provides additional support with case study writing and evaluation by offering personalized services for universities and institutes, for publishers and societies, and researchers.

UNSILO is a publishing service infused with AI to improve business opportunities and customer experience for the publishers. A suite of APIs is used to evaluate and understand natural-language which caters to the need of editor’s reviewers, peer reviewers, and publishers to carry out manuscript submission, evaluation, and screening. To leverage the contents of the publisher UNSILO uses software that builds packages from their existing compilation by machine learning. Lastly, it also recommends content based on the academic content understanding that helps the recognition and discovery of new and existing content and increases their engagement rates, click-rates, and retention rates on websites.

CACTUS Life Sciences provides publication strategies with the support of regional and global teams, CACTUS Life Sciences works with MSLs, product teams, and medical teams as well as external stakeholders like HCPs and patients to have a better understanding and build a bridge that improves the communication, they create impactful materials that drive engaging communication. It is significant to simplify medical terms for patients and healthcare professionals as the medical field is huge, and this brand focuses on communication complex product knowledge through fair and scientifically balanced medical information letters. From ensuring the medical accuracy of the assets to integrate scientific writing, from the creation of HEOR collaterals like GVDs, evidence decks, white papers, and interactive/digital payor content to technical solution CACTUS Life Sciences have it all.

CACTUS Labs recognizes the need of research and rapid experiments in transforming business, which is a sub-brand of CACTUS. With a team of data scientists, linguists, NLP engineers, software developers, subject-matter experts, product managers, and industry specialists with hands-on experience CACTUS Labs provides automated English editing; concept detection, extraction, and ranking that recognizes highly effective data from the manuscript; auto summarization, creating an immersive experience and 3D presentation of scientific content through the utilization of AR, image recognition and manuscript assessment.

R helps the researcher by providing tools and support necessary for their research. From struggling for lab times to discovery, submitting and reviewing can take up a lot of valuable time, so R designed tools that offer a tailor-made solution to the issue that researchers encounter and make their life easier. R has five sections that make it possible R Discovery which combines AI and researcher community that allows faster and more intelligent literature search; R Pubsure that evaluates the submission, R Upskills a learning platform that provides the largest collection of curated courses and handbooks, R Voice allows researchers to connect with other researchers over diversified topics and R Concept is a detailed AI-driven platform, organized by experts on research, insights, commentary, and expert recommendations related to COVID-19.

With an extensive range of service that caters to the need of researchers and publishers, CACTUS is recognized in 191 countries by over 506,000 clients in 1064 research fields with the help of 2500 experts.

Driven By Values

CACTUS is recognized as one of the best places to work which has high performance and high-trust culture. Award of Excellence was given to female leaders of the organization who have excelled and broken the stereotypes in their respective fields. CACTUS is one of the top 100 companies that offer remote-friendly job opportunities to the employees and was ranked 18 in India’s Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs, it has also been recognized as one of India’s Top 10 safe places to work by rainmaker. In the 2019 Millennial Max Conference conducted by times of India CACTUS was the Runner-Up in the category of “Best Company for Millennials in India” and 2013 CACTUS received the Silver Stevie award for Outstanding Customer Service.

CACTUS is an organization that is driven by integrity and works towards innovation to achieve excellence, in building and providing better communication platforms that can be trusted, and lastly provides support so you can have fun and enjoy the journey.

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