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In the 21st century, simply having a great product is not enough. It is because today’s tech-driven customers don’t merely focus on the product but also on the overall brand proposition that they are offered. This creates a sizeable challenge for businesses while extending a connected customer experience.

There are a few aspects that make communications more demanding for an enterprise. Customers have a proclivity to shift between multiple communications channels – even during their ongoing conversations with a brand. In wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, people are engaging more with the digital touchpoints of a business than they are across the physical ones. Now, a digital touchpoint could include anything from the brand’s website to its social media handle


Seasoned marketing professionals will advise you to maintain an omnichannel approach backed by relevant, in-depth data. Infobip – with its avant-garde solutions including Moments, Conversations, Answers, and People – empowers you to do precisely the same. Infobip is a global cloud communications platform that equips businesses with connected customer experiences across all stages of the customer journey. And, it does so at scale, with easy, personalized, and contextualized interactions over your customers’ preferred channels.

Infobip offers products and solutions that equip your businesses with better customer relationship management. With more than 12 years of exposure across multiple industries, Infobip provides refined, effective, and personalized solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of the customer journey. The platform has a network of over 650 direct carrier connections with effective reach to more than 7 billion people and connected devices.

Being a glocal enterprise, Infobip also has a global outreach with a peerless local centricity. The platform further enjoys a physical presence across six continents with more than 65 office locations. Its physical-to-digital approach allows Infobip to make substantial headway when it comes to creating communications solutions.


Infobip was founded in 2006 with a mission to provide accessible, safe and innovative communication solutions to its partners across the globe. The platform empowers its clients by enabling them to learn, grow, innovate, and create a data-driven impact on the community – with or without coding expertise.

Building on its global presence, Infobip has a comprehensive understanding of local trends that enables it to support better, engage more, react faster, and offer customized solutions as per its client’s marketing endeavors.

The platform’s notion of “Worlds Connect” is inspired by the vision of building a virtual bridge connecting different worlds of communication channels, thereby enabling its clients to drive memorable customer experiences.


The heart of Infobip lies in its single-interface, scalable, and easy-to-use, cloud-based customer communications solutions platform. It provides 1:1 personalized customer interaction via prominent channels. The platform is further supported by Infobip’s proprietary API or web-based interface connection that can also be seamlessly integrated without any coding experience. Infobip also empowers its customers to automate their customer journeys with multi-step flows using drag and drop features.

The single-platform accessibility gives Infobip’s customers an omnichannel edge. It encompasses engagement identity, user authentication, security and contact center solutions for each step of the customer lifecycle. These factors help its clients to simplify the complexities of the broader customer experience.

A company needs to treat its guests equally. At the same time, personalization adds a human touch when connecting with people virtually. So, sending a multi-channel global message can be simplified with Infobip, enabling clients to reach out to their customers effortlessly via personalized contextual conversations.

Being a well-established enterprise with global expertise in the fast-growing business communications and messaging space, the organization’s cloud-based delivery model has built trust, loyalty, and growth through data-driven conversational customer journeys. And this has allowed Infobip to work with many renowned industry leaders including Uber, Burger King, SBERBANK, and STRAVA alongside others.


Products and Solutions

Infobip‘s product portfolio aims to address issues related to Customer Engagement, Communication Channels and Platform and Connectivity.

As part of its customer engagement, there are four key solutions offered by the brand. They are ‘Moments’, ‘Conversations’, ‘Answers’, and ‘People’. Moments connects with the respective customers via multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Messenger, and so forth, which allows the customer to engage on the channels preferred by them. Infobip’s self-service chatbot, Conversation, further enables a brand to convert its contact center into a customer experience center. It offers unmatched features with easy integrations, automated routing, as well as sentiment analysis and is efficient, effective, and economical. Answers, on the other hand, is AI- and NLP-based chatbot solution that is available 24/7 for customer support on any channel. It can handle multiple queries at once. People creates rich customer profiles for targeted communications. It puts together miscellaneous customer data in one place and creates in-depth customer profiles, comprising relevant factors including channel preferences and communication history.

Infobip deals with a wide range of communication channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Voice, Mobile App Messaging, RCS and has recently added live chat, Facebook Messenger and Line to its service portfolio.

When it comes to connectivity and platform, Infobip prioritizes safety by protecting customers’ identity during activation and everyday use. This improves the customer experience, thereby increasing the conversions triggered by the app users.

The platform’s advantage of connecting to 50 countries in a few minutes brings tangible value to the table. It can amplify the reach of your company through both voice- and SMS-enabled channels. Moreover, Infobip constantly updates its contact database, which improves deliverability. The clients specifically appreciate the platform’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accuracy and value. It targets customers with personalized messages that generate lead while protecting the end-user data simultaneously.

Infobip’s IoT management solution can simplify connectivity and make the process faster. Once you are connected, you can also keep a track of the SIM Card usage.

The platform has a team with hands-on experience and a thorough know-how of key industries. It brings refined solutions that are driven by precision vis-à-vis security, customer onboarding, customer engagement, customer service, customer retention and operational efficiency. From how to protect one’s data to how to make the first impression, Infobip barely leaves any stone unturned.

Infobip also provides telecom solutions on SMS Firewall & Monetization, Mobile Identity – iGate, CPaaS Business Solutions, and RCS Business Messaging.

In terms of industries, finance and retail are Infobip’s key areas of expertise. However, it also works on-demand for other industries.


The platform is led by an eminent team of professionals and hyper-connected local offices performing at a global level. It can effectively reach 7 Billion people and devices via its channel of 800 telecom networks. These factors have played a key role and bring considerable value to the table. There’s barely any doubt then that several industry-leading players, including Uber and Burger King, have placed their trust in Infobip and its innovative solutions.

Infobip has proven itself as a cloud contact center that caters to the needs of organizations establishing effective as well as efficient relationships. It ensures a smooth, simple, and secure experience that makes every customer interaction count. Infobip is the catalyst that has driven many of its partners on a higher growth trajectory via its solutions.

A happy customer is key in today’s ever-connected world. It’s no secret that keeping customers happy with contextual messaging at the right moments is where the game changes for any business enterprise.

Written by denesof

Harsha Solanki

Hadi Teherani Project Consultants India