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HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions


HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a Business Management Consulting firm which provides a wide variety of services to businesses to help them grow and thrive in a hyper-competitive world. Coupled with an innovative approach and commitment to its values makes the brand unique amongst other players in the field.

Their Agile Process Oriented Solution Model ensures that the solutions provided are tested vigorously before being implemented, analyzed repeatedly for information extraction for future strategies, and watched carefully while being implemented since it’s a process-oriented model. HumanAlpha’s Strategic thinkers and Implementation Specialists make sure that no stones are left unturned while providing services to clients.

The company was founded by two highly skilled and experienced Business Leaders Vijayashree Venkat and Mahesh Sheshadri. Together, they weaved together a hard-working team which has helped the company grow exponentially over time. The founders’ complementary skills and shared values make sure that every step the company takes, is well measured and rooted in values like Empathy, Simplicity, Humility, Integrity and Passion to “Make a Difference”.

HumanAlpha calls itself a “Human & Culture Centric” organization and therefore is based on strong values like empathy and humility. Since its inception and incorporation in May 2019, the brand has worked relentlessly in providing the top-notch services to its clients and the results have been positive. In a relatively short amount of time, the brand has attracted clients such as Muthoot Finance, KIA Motors, Arvind Lifestyle, Rittal Systems, Manipal Global Education, JustAnswer, TrnDigital, BioPetroClean and VeePhoenix Compliance. This made the company grow and has drawn praise from investors. Within a short span of time HumanAlpha has been recognized in multiple forums & gained media coverage too.

The brand is driven by 5 important factors that it believes has made it successful and robust:

  1. Leadership Capabilities
  2. Agile Process Oriented Solution Model

III. Culture and Values

  1. Relationships: Customer Retention, Recurring Business
  2. Law of Attraction: Positive Word of Mouth and Pull Marketing


HumanAlpha’s Values are lived Inside-Out in Everyday Experiences in the HumanAlpha Ecosystem:

  • Empathy: Emotions & Relationships complete humans, they channelize Greatness through Empathy.
  • Simplicity: The Solution to Every Challenge is Simple, they enable Greatness by keeping things simple.
  • Humility: Intellect, Expertise & Outcomes will be Exceptional forever, they remain Humble forever.
  • Integrity: Their Relationships, their Success, their Happiness and their Growth shall be symbolized by Integrity.
  • Passion to “Make a Difference”: Every Thought, Idea & Solution shall reflect Passion to “Make a Difference”


  • Business Management consulting: Strategic Advisory, Virtual CHRO, HR Consulting
  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring: Customized Experimental Behavioral Development, Long term Leadership Development
  • Certification & Internships: Strategic HR Business Partner, HR Analytics, Talent Acquisition Professional
  • Recruitment & Outsourcing: Executive Hiring, Strategic Hiring for Mid management and Leadership roles, C level Outsourcing

Cultural Transformation (A Differentiator Solution from HumanAlpha):

HumanAlpha believes that an Organization’s Culture is a manifestation of People Perspective & Organization Perspective.

  • People Perspective: Self-beliefs & Values drive Behaviour, and the consistent demonstration of prominent behaviours lead to People’s definition of Culture
  • Organization Perspective: Processes & Systems defined and adopted over time, lead to Organization’s definition of Culture

The Objective of HumanAlpha’s “Cultural Transformation” Solution is:

  • To build a Positive Growth Culture & DNA for the Organization

HumanAlpha’s uniquely positioned “Cultural Transformation Solution” is designed as a Transformational Journey that entails People & Culture Assessment, Motivational Talks, Experiential Workshop, Group Coaching and Alignment of People, Process & Culture.

Training (A Differentiator Solution from HumanAlpha with Competitive Advantage):

HumanAlpha’s customized experiential way of training is one of the biggest differentiating factors in which they stand out amongst other competitors in the Learning and Development (Training) Industry.

  • The workshops/training are imparted in high impact experiential methods to enable the personal transformation of the individuals.
  • Complement high impact experiential workshops with group coaching, one-on-one performance coaching and behavioral training
  • Works closely with the business in translating the learning experiences to drive long term business outcomes by collaboratively designing and implementing strategic initiatives, projects and assignments.

The tangible and intangible sustainable competitive advantages of the Brand HumanAlpha

  • Enables brands to rise (in Revenue, Profitability & Scale) and sustain
  • Aligning Business Strategy with People, Process & Culture.
  • Developing Solutions in alignment with the Leadership Intent & Growth Agenda
  • Deploying Solutions across Functions: Strategy, Operations, People & Technology
  • Using an Agile Process Oriented Solution Model driven by Analytics, Behaviors, Culture & Science
  • Enables people’s Growth & Transformation
  • Integrates Core Competencies, Values & Clarity in Purpose
  • Deploys a combination of Coaching, Mentoring and Blended Experiential learning.

HumanAlpha can be summed up as a business which thrives on a process-oriented approach, monitored closely by a motivated leadership that is driven by strong values and principles which creates meaningful and honest relationships with partners which benefits all parties involved.

HumanAlpha has been able to grow its Business and attract great clients through Pull Marketing and Positive Word of Mouth. It’s strong belief in the “Law of Attraction” continues to drive its Business Growth organically. With this belief, the company has been able to add at least one new customer each month.

The past record of the company suggests HumanAlpha is on its growth trajectory to gain significant improvements over the next few years and reach its objectives.

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