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RP-Sanjiv Goenka group; a diversified conglomerate with revenues of over INR 23,000 Cr. and with businesses across multiple sectors such as Power, Carbon Black, Retail, IT, Education, Media & Entertainment; had ventured into the FMCG space by incorporating Guilt Free Industries Limited in 2017. With the aim of disrupting innovatively and creating Brands & Products that are both genuine and desirable to the Consumers, the group had launched its 1st ever brand “Too Yumm!”, thereby carving out a niche for themselves in the Indian Snacking space by offering a range of Healthier Snacking options. Through this entry, the RP-Sanjiv Goenka group envisions to establish a 10,000+ Cr. FMCG empire within a span of 5 years.


The Indian Snacking Industry has grown by an average annual rate of anywhere between 15-20%; and over the last few years, the Consumer is getting spoilt by choices in terms of the sheer number of snacks available in the market. In such a competitive scenario, Too Yumm! comes out as a unique and disruptive product that offers Healthier Snacking options, while remaining uncompromising on the Taste front – a trait which Consumers always want to see in the products they consume.

Launched in 2017, Too Yumm! now offers 6 different products with 25+ lip-smacking flavours. By offering the propositions of being Baked, Not fried; Too Yumm! products contain 40% less fat as compared to the average Potato wafers available in the market – thus giving the Consumers an option to binge on, guilt-free.


Indian Consumers love to binge. And with occasions such as Prime time TV shows (or) a Casual evening snack time; Consumers look forward to bingeing on products that give them a fun and flavourful experience. In such a Consumption scenario, health takes a back seat – thus making healthy bingeing a tough watch. These were the trends until a few years ago. Now, with increasing awareness and urge to switch to Healthy lifestyles, Snacking – which still predominantly is taste driven – is also increasingly moving towards the Healthier side of the balance. And Too Yumm!, quite strategically, fills this need gap by offering healthier snacks which Consumers can munch on Anytime, Anywhere.

Further driving Too Yumm!’s propositions is the Brand Ambassador – Virat Kohli, the current captain of the Indian Cricket team and one of India’s most popular faces and the biggest fitness icons – thus establishing credibility to the brand.


Within 2 years of operations, Too Yumm! has become one of the fastest brands to achieve a 200+ Cr. in revenues and probably the fastest to achieve a Sales Run Rate of Rs. 250 Cr. Through disruptive innovations, Too Yumm! currently occupies a 2.1% Market Share in the Western Snacks segment.


The core theory and philosophy behind Too Yumm! Has dependably been to offer products that satisfy the buyer’s needs and demands by offering them a mix of Health + Taste. Too Yumm! has set up a solid space for itself in the Indian Snacking market. Despite the fact that different players have explored different avenues regarding such developments, none of them figured out how to develop at the scale and speed which Too Yumm! has. Besides, to augment the product recommendations, Too Yumm! Has roped in one of the nation’s best fitness icons – Virat Kohli – which further provides a firm foothold to the brand in the Indian snacking market. A solid blend of product and effective promotions has helped Too Yumm! Becomes one of the best brands and has helped in building up themselves as a distinguished player in the Indian packaged snacks industry.


  • Exchange4Media PrimeTime Awards 2019

o Gold, in Creative Category, for Multigrain Chips’ launch campaign

o Silver, in Media Category, for Strongest Brand Equity in Snacking Category

o Silver, in Media Category, for India’s fastest Growing Startup Snack brand

o Bronze, in Creative Category, for Too Yumm!’s National Brand Launch

  • Indian Marketing Awards 2018

o Gold, for India’s fastest growing Start-up Snack brand

o Silver, for Best Use of Integrated Marketing for Multigrain Chips’ campaign

  • ET Brand Equity Kaleido Awards 2019: Best Campaign in Consumer Products
  • World Packaging Award 2018 – for Hour-glass shaped Pouch Pack for Fox Nuts
  • Annapoorna Food Awards 2017: Food Brand Innovator of the Year
  • Guinness World Record™ for lighting the World’s Largest Oil lamp as a part of the campaign to encourage consumers to switch from fried snacks to baked snacks

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Saurabh Bajaj

Colliers International