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As leader in health care technologies, Kent RO products touch millions of lives every day. The contribution to the health sector in India and other parts of the world have been recognized year after year and is reflected in the awards conferred to the company – Best Domestic Water Purifier Brand (2006, 2007 & 2008), Golden Peacock Award for Eco Innovation 2007, Most trusted water purifier brand (2013 & 2014), Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2013-14 and for the 4th year running, Asia’s Most Admired Brand (2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18).

The Asian market recognizes KENT RO Systems Limited as the 21st century company that provides innovative health care products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, helping people live healthier. The pioneers in bringing the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology.

Humble Beginnings

Dr. Mahesh Gupta, chairman, Kent RO Systems Ltd. Started small and is growing big. He started his company from scratch with a seed capital of INR 20,000 and by financial year 2008-09, the turnover was INR 100 crores (1 billion). In 1998, Jaundice had gripped his children due to impure water as the sole cause. He began trials for his own water purifier and after adequate research, a company was born.

The purifiers available in the market in those days worked on ultraviolet (UV) technology, which kills bacteria in the water. This was not good enough since the water consumed also contains many dissolved impurities, which cannot be treated with this technology. Mahesh Gupta wanted to develop a water purifier that would also take care of the undesirable dissolved elements, while recognizing and retaining the good minerals. After several trials and six months of hard work, Mahesh Gupta zeroed in on a technology—reverse osmosis (RO)— which promised the results desired, and the first KENT purifier was born in March 1999. Recognizing its potential, and in order to promote a healthy and happy life for other families, he decided to market this invention.

Mineral RO™ Technology

KENT developed a breakthrough technology and launched India’s 1st domestic RO water purifier back in 1999. KENT RO water purifiers are based on the revolutionary Mineral RO™ technology which not only removes bacteria and viruses from drinking water but also eliminates the harmful dissolved impurities like Arsenic, Fluoride and Pesticides. Besides providing 100% safe water, Kent Mineral RO Purifiers retain the natural essential minerals in purified water.

Innovation & Diversification

Over the years, KENT RO has evolved as a market leader providing technologically advanced healthcare products ranging from Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers to Water Softeners, Bed Cleaners, Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners and Cold Pressed Juicer. It has become synonymous with offering purity and is known for its robustness in technological performance and innovative designs enhancing quality of everyday living. With a range of innovative products, strong market presence and an aggressive advertising strategy KENT RO has conquered the water purification industry to evolve as a market leader with 40 per cent market share in RO water purifier segment. Importantly, having millions of satisfied customers to its credit.

Dominant Presence in Asia

KENT RO has a strong hold in the market with a wide network with over 3000 distributors, 15000 dealers and over 500 direct marketing franchises. The deep penetration of marketing network is supplemented by a central CRM based service support network, backed by 1600 service franchises and a force of centrally trained service technicians who provide reliable after sales service. KENT RO crossed the USD 1 Million mark in 2011 and currently exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. To support the domestic as well as international demand, Kent has state of the art manufacturing facilities in India. Presently the 3 production facilities at Roorkee in Uttarakhand with a combined area of over 5,00,000 square feet have a capacity to produce more than 50,000 units of RO Purifiers per month. This is backed by highly sophisticated Quality Check and Testing facilities. The processes are highly standardized and benchmarked to the best in the world. Stringent quality assurance measures are adopted and effective cost management systems have been devised. At the back-end, KENT forges strong partnerships with vendors for quality compliance. Currently expansion is underway with a fourth plant with an area of 50,000 square feet is scheduled to begin operations in Greater Noida.

On a Mission: The Perfect Health

For long Kent RO has set standards, which are unrivalled, and their philosophy of attaining the perfect health is reflected in their range of water purifiers, air purifiers and other healthcare products. The company envisions in making a difference in people’s lives by affecting all-pervasive areas of their existence – water, food and air. The fundamental vision is defined by producing innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, thus help people live healthier – The Perfect Health.

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