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An efficient kitchen is the pride and joy of every Indian household and it’s what keeps every home alive and thriving. Wonderchef, one of India’s leading kitchenware manufacturers spearheaded by Mr. Ravi Saxena, champions this very belief and inculcates it in each and every product across its 400 product SKU line-up.


Constantly striving to achieve the right balance between form and function, all of Wonderchef’s appliances are designed by the Italian Design Institute and manufactured to world renowned standards of German engineering. Classical design sensibilities are a must for the brand as they believe it facilitates the impeccable transition from kitchen to dining table.

But that is not all; Wonderchef has also changed the perception of kitchenware by leaning towards more vibrant and bright colour schemes for their products as opposed to the standard black and grey of those of its competitors. This has resulted in a landmark change in the behaviour of their consumer base where they now try to match their cookware to their kitchen cabinets, furniture and so on. Their range comes in over 25 different colour variants.

From across their diverse product range that consists of 4 categories, one product that has been a testament to their drive for innovation is their Nutri-Blend. As Indian homes became more minimalistic and pragmatic, Wonderchef sought to supplement the need for a multi-purpose appliance that would serve as a blender, mixer and grinder and could whip up everything from chutneys to juices with ease. This led to the creation of the Nutri-Blend: a compact appliance with simple yet precise engineering. It is the single largest selling SKU in the mixer-grinder category and is said to be one of Wonderchef’s most plagiarised appliances to date.


What makes Wonderchef one of the fastest growing kitchenware manufacturers in India is their multi-layered distribution network that consists of several customer touchpoints including 700 modern trade stores, 5,500 brand outlets, a direct sales network, e-commerce platform activation, direct-from-website sales, TV shopping, B2B corporate gifting, exports and army & police canteens.


Right from its nascent stages, Wonderchef has been a brand that holds the art and love of cooking in great esteem. This is reflected in their marketing strategy that has been a key contributor to the brand’s monumental growth.

While being cost-effective, Wonderchef’s brand building exercises have pulled no punches. Indian MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor who is a household name when it comes to cooking and kitchen expertise has been the long-standing face of the brand and its chief recipe driver. This has ensured brand recall and top-of-mind awareness for their range and is also credited for their strong social media presence. The brand has also successfully leveraged its talent for building strong customer relations by putting strong point-of-purchase marketing into the mix; a move that has garnered fantastic results in their stores and across supermarkets.

The brand has also created buzz with large-scale PR driven activities across every major store and outlet launch for which they have received major appreciation in some of the county’s leading media publications. These events have been very successful in bringing culinary enthusiasts from all over the country together.


Wonderchef’s ethos has always been about equipping every Indian homemaker with the best-in-class kitchenware that is trendy and affordable. Here’s a glimpse of what they offer:

Non-stick Cookware:

Suited to the Indian style of cooking, Wonderchef’s non-stick cookware is known to last for years and is appreciated by South Asians the world over.

Pressure Cookers:

With a focus on efficiency through design, Wonderchef’s pressure cookers are designed for all kinds of South Asian cooking

Small Kitchen Appliances:

Wonderchef rounds off its range nice by offering regular as well as unique health-focused products. Keeping their brand promise of healthy cooking, this is range is also curated for people who are afflicted with lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Large Kitchen Appliances:

Wonderchef customers never have to compromise on design for affordability. The brand ensures this with their designer and value for money Ovens, OTG(s), Cooktops, Chimneys and Microwaves.

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