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Shree Cement


The company has been a trendsetter since inception back in the year 1979. Committed to the cause of sustainable development and inclusive growth, Shree is acknowledged as the first cement company to become a ‘Sustainability Champion’ by the World Economic Forum in 2011. The company works towards ensuring optimum results by achieving the set targets consistently with minimal cost. The company is listed under the Top 100 Companies in India to work and in Top 5 in the Manufacturing and Productions sector by ‘Great Place to Work Institute’ for the year 2017.

Focus on markets and changing buyer behavior What sets Shree apart is its solid grip on discovering emerging trends well ahead of others. Be it pricing focused cost-leadership decades ago or leading the on demand model of business or launching kind of products now for which it is forecast that the demand is slated to grow robust in coming years. Building brands through marketing innovation The company is known to slice the markets to identify segments that drive growth and profitability. The company has in its basket highly specialised brands for identified niches viz. Shree Jung Rodhak Cement, Bangur Cement, Bangur Power Cement, Roofon, and Rockstrong. The company builds its competitive edge in the market on the following pillars of Marketing innovations:

  • Smart Delivery Management

On time delivery is critical and a key benchmark in customer satisfaction. Shree ensures effective coordination amongst logistics, truckers, marketing and customers for timely delivery and faster unloading. The company can serve customer requirements be it 20 tons or 5,000 tons.

  • Finding New Ways for Branding

The Company has been continually adopting new ways to promote brand and maximise visibility. It has adopted an appropriate mixture of all channels of brand promotion to create a brand standing for its products.

  • The Edge of Customer Services

Customer service is an essential area of overall marketing success. The central theme of customer management is to serve the need of each and every consumer without discriminating based on the size of the order.

Shree Cement is not only India’s notable cement manufacturer; but with a generation capacity of around 640 MW, it also has the Second Largest Waste Heat Recovery capacity in the global cement industry. The journey of Shree – to be one of the Top 3 Cement Companies in India with a production capacity of 34.9 MTPA – is replete with examples of innovative thinking, operational excellence, astute planning and being ahead of the curve.



The company has many firsts to its credit and truly believes that idea is the true fuel that leads one to the zenith of success. Key `firsts’ among them are:

  • First to produce synthetic Gypsum in India
  • First cement company to receive for its Cement Plant at Ras, in Rajasthan the Highest 5 Star Rating by ‘Whitehopleman’, a benchmarking agency
  • Company’s limestone Mines at Beawar has accorded a 5 Star rating for sustainable development by Indian Bureau of Mines, a part of the Government of India
  • First Indian Cement Company to join Cement Sustainability Initiative of World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland
  • First cement company to issue a Corporate Sustainability Report
  • Created a world record for the fastest completion of 1 MTPA clinker capacity in 330 days against an industry standard of 630 days
  • 300 MW capacity Shree Mega Power (SMP) Plant was commissioned in a record time of 21 months and 20 days against the normal industry standard of 32 months


At Shree, trust and accountability are inseparably interlinked and manifest in the form of integrity. Hence, trust is the key to becoming more accountable. Over the last decade, Shree Cement has been on a high ride of growth. However, the crucial differentiating factor is that Shree’s growth journey is run by its internal accruals.


Fiscal prudence, cost-consciousness, effective financial management and robust governance model have helped the company earn respect of investors and analysts alike. The company has grown healthily; granting its investors a strong internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 27.5% since the initial offering in the capital market.


Shree’s steady resolve to create a company that also is concerned about the investor’s wealth has helped the Company to find its place among the Top 100 companies of the nation (India) in regards to the market capitalization was recorded on 31stMarch 2018. An excellent debt repayment track record, timely interactions and communications with the concerned Banks, strong financial performance, etc. – all have positioned Shree to enjoy a great relationship with the top banks of the country in the banking consortium.

The CSR Initiatives

Shree Cement Follows Triple Bottom Line Concept wherein the Company equally focuses on Environment, Social and Economic Factors. The concern for the environmental sustainability and social responsibility forms an integral part of business decisions and ventures of the Company.

The company also took active participation in the Government of Rajasthan’s initiative of ‘Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan’ (MJSA) which aims at making villages self-reliant in terms of water resources. One of the units of Shree actively supported the project and constructed a water conservation structure in the line with the Government guidelines like Anicut, deepening of the pond, and water bodies, Mini Percolation Tank (MPT), etc. The company strongly believes in the usage of clean energy, and is a world leader (after China) to install Waste Heat Recovery (WHR), Power Plant. This power plant helps eliminate the need for an equal amount of thermal energy produced from fossil fuel; thus, helping in the reduction of the carbon emission in the country. Shree is also tapping into the use of Solar and Wind Power generation to meet the power requirement.


  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability Vision Award 2018 by Indian Chamber of Commerce
  • Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award 2017 by Department of Energy, Government of Rajasthan.
  • Global Sustainability award 2017 by Energy and Environment Foundation, New Delhi
  • 5 Star Rating for Limestone Mines at Baewar and Ras for Sustainable Development by the Indian Bureau of Mines.
  • National Award for “Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence” 2017 by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • Ranked amongst Top 5 Manufacturing and Production Companies in India in “Great Place To Work For” Survey conducted by Great Place To Work Institute.
  • 23rd Bhamashah Samman 2017 by the Education Department, Government of Rajasthan.
  • Best Quality Award 2015-16 and 2016-17 by NCCBM
  • Best Improvement in Thermal Energy Performance Award 2015-16 by NCCBM
  • Performance, Achieve and Trade Award by Bureau of Energy Efficiency
  • National Award for Excellence in Cost and Management 2016 by The Indian Institute of Cost Accountants of India
  • Outstanding Performance in Skill Development Initiatives 2016 by the Employers’ Association of Rajasthan

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