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Aakanksha Bhargava is the CEO of PMR and is leading a company that deals with your mobility needs whenever and wherever you want to relocate.

Aakanksha was born in Kolkata, at the age of 7, her family moved to Delhi. She has mastered the discipline of business management. She is an alumnus of SP Jain School of Management, where she completed her MBA, she graduated from Hindu College was a president of two societies and was a Cultural Head for the College fest Mecca.  Aakanksha joined PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd. (PMR) at the age of 21 and being the boss’s daughter, she had to prove herself and wanted to take her place in the industry. So as soon as she joined she started making changes to have an efficient and effective outcome. She looked after the PMR’s corporate sales, marketing and operations, and other departments a well. Aakanksha traveled to the city to city to understand the culture and vibe of the city, she handpicked her team and started working from scratch. She first worked on making PMR a recognized brand in an unorganized sector. PMR after 12 years under the leadership of Aakanksha, expanded to 10 which included some of the major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. The turnover was increased from INR 3Cr in 2007 to more than INR 60Cr in 2019, that’s a huge jump.

Aakanksha’s vision has helped PMR to expand and diversify to new dimensions for instance art movement is just explored. PMR is not just high-quality mobility and packaging service provider but under Aakanksha’s leadership, it has grown into a one-stop service provider for all your relocation needs, from immigration to home search, school search to departure programs, orientation, and many such services, will be provided to you under one roof. PMR is leading and has new sub-brands that have been recently launched such as PMRGO, PETGO, ARTISTSICS, and RELOPLUS. PMR is in progress of launching an app so that PMR can directly and digitally connect to its customers.

Motherhood is one of the most precious stages of every women’s life and once a woman becomes a mother, she discovers new strengths and new challenges in life, it’s a life-changing experience. Aakanksha was blessed with a baby girl “Samaira Bawa” in August 2018. Since then she has found a new motivation and inspiration ever since she became a mother, she is a mompreneur now. Aakanksha believes that a woman can follow her passion and can fulfill her motherly duties at the same, she shouldn’t be made to choose between them. Aakanksha has taken more than 50 flights to 6 different countries with her newborn, in her first year. She has even set up a baby room within her office, so she can bring a balance between mompreneur and boss lady. Her passion for work and devotion to both work and her child made her an inspiration to many mothers. She supports breastfeeding and have written several articles and blogs about it, she is passionate about blogging and has shared her blogs, videos, and views on many important topics that’s related to today’s robust work environment like entrepreneurship, success/failure, being a mother, work-life balance, traveling with a toddler and many such topics. She is a strong supporter of women and young minds and wants to make this world a better place by sharing her stories.

Aakanksha became a solo traveler at a young age, when she started taking work-related trips, which ignited her passion to travel to new places, she has traveled to almost 35 countries and has recently launched her travel blog- Travelrendezvous. Aakanksha also writes for many journals and magazines as she loves the idea of sharing her story with people and believes that limitations exist only in mind and only we can push our boundaries. She is also a speaker and recently was a part of the #MentorForChange initiative by NITI Ayog under the Atal Innovation Mission.

Aakanksha is an inspiration to many women around the world, she is a CEO, a mother, a writer, a blogger, and a motivational and influential speaker. She is a boss lady and an amazing mother.

She has received multiple awards for her achievement, from the “Best Woman Leader” award at the Business Today SME Awards in 2015 to “Most Influential 100 Global Youth Marketing Professional” by Global Youth Marketing Forum & Awards in 2019. PMR as well have received many awards under Aakanksha’s leadership.

In her free time, she enjoys going on a casual coffee date with her husband Sumit. She also enjoys watching Bollywood films and music to relax, she is a cricket fan and dancing is like meditation to her she is a trained Kathak dancer. She is a wannabe golfer, she always tries to make time for the things she loves, despite her busy schedule. She enjoys reading before sleep, her favorite books are The Fountainhead, Letters to my Daughter, Steve Jobs, The Lean Startup, and Atlas Shrugged.

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