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Abhishek Goel is an entrepreneur, a meditator, most importantly he is a visionary who redefined scholarly communication. He is the CEO and Co-founder of CACTUS Communications. He started this company along with his brother, with a vision of providing high-quality English editing services in Japan in 2002. Today CACTUS is recognized globally and is connecting the researcher community around the globe.

Abhishek finished his schooling from St. Paul School, Darjeeling in 1995, he then went on to pursue a bachelor in the field of commerce in marketing and Human Resource from NM College of Commerce and Economics, and he graduated in the year 2000. During his college years, Abhishek joined AIESEC in the year 1997, which is one of the largest youth-run NGOs with a presence in over 120 countries. He was a member of AIESEC for four years, where he administered multiple tasks and handled various positions and also became the President of AIESEC, Mumbai. During his time in AIESEC, he went on an exchange program to Japan as an exchange consultant, where he coincidently helped a Japanese professor, who needed support in editing his research paper. Even though CACTUS Communications was established in 2002, but this is the origin of CACTUS, which today is an international enterprise.

Abhishek’s role at CACTUS is significant. He established, developed, and has been amplifying the impact of CACTUS globally. He built an organization that revolutionized global scientific communication. By collaborating with researchers, universities, publishers, societies, and life science organizations along with AI and hi-tech, he strives to make a difference for publishers and researchers. In 2017 he was recognized and received the “Entrepreneur of the year award” by Ascent foundation.

Abhishek has an influential personality, whether it was leading an NGO or a company. His leadership style is noteworthy. It manifestly reflects the core value of CACTUS. Buddha once said, “What we think, we become”. Having an optimistic view of oneself is very important. We can achieve that when we reflect peacefully. What could be more peaceful than meditation? Abhishek is an active meditator and has a zeal for live theatrical and music performances. He is also an avid reader and enjoys both fiction and non-fiction equally.

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