Ashok Chaturvedi

Ashok Chaturvedi is the Chairman and Managing Director of UFlex Ltd. UFlex is an industry marvel, which began as a very small manufacturing unit in 1983 and today has a gross turnover of USD 1 Billion with a bunch of successful business endeavors. It is a leading business conglomerate with its presence across the value chain of flexible packaging comprising of bi-axially oriented plastic films, chemicals, packaging machines, rotogravure printing cylinders, aseptic liquid packaging, converting, hi-tech brand protection, anti-counterfeiting solutions, and holography. Ashok is a first generation visionary entrepreneur and the founder of UFlex Group. Being the architect of the group’s vision and its business strategy, Ashok has built a global presence with manufacturing stations in India, Mexico, the USA, Poland, Egypt, and UAE. Today under his leadership, UFlex is making headway as India’s largest company and a global leader in flexible packaging materials and solutions, serving Fortune 500 companies; and its products are sold in over 150 countries worldwide.

The foundation of customer relationship is the 3Qs – Quality, Quantity, and Quickness, which Ashok has promised to his customers and has it entrenched in the organization’s ethos. UFlex is a value-driven organization and Ashok’s principle and values are mirrored by every business and process of the group. Trust and respect; customer value creation; innovation; global perspective & speedy execution are the paramount principles that drive the company. Globalization, excellence, innovation with differentiation, modernization, quality, and quantum growth has ushered UFlex to the success that it enjoys today.

Ashok believes that people are the pillar of business, thus he is passionate about people’s well-being, and his efforts on enhancing and bettering the lives of people are noteworthy, whether it be employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, or any other stakeholders, he is equally considerate about all. He leads a global workforce of 9000+ employees with different ethnicities, working across four continents.

As a philanthropist, he believes in empowering the underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the society and works relentlessly towards the cause he believes in. Ashok is a cricket enthusiast and his love for cricket drives his passion for providing education and sports facilities to the not-so privileged children and youth. With a commitment to improving the quality of the sports facilities in the country, he constantly promotes the advanced Modern Cricket Club and generously contributes towards the growth of institutions for management studies.

As a widely traveled individual, Ashok holds a universal mindset, broader perspective and stout conviction, a trait that defines the global leaders of the 21st Century. He has been honored with many awards and accolades which includes ET Polymers Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 and Father of Flexible Packaging at the 1st Global Conference on Plastic & Packaging 2019. A much revered industry stalwart, Ashok is often referred to as the latter title by patrons for steering the packaging industry to a 15,000 crore INR industry.

He is truly a visionary, philanthropist, and a leader that this country needs.

Written by denesof

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