Hadi Teherani

Hadi Teherani was born to be a prodigy in the art and shaping of concretes. He is an infamous architect, interior designer, and product designer. His project focuses on designs that draw people towards itself, intensifies emotional ties with its environment and lastly and projects that are environment-friendly. He has designed buildings across many metropolitan cities of the world, for instance, Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Dubai, Hamburg, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Rome, Moscow, and Tehran, he has also been working on multiple projects in Mumbai. He built the first-ever green railway station in Germany at Frankfurt Airport and the Cologne “Crane Houses” on the banks of the River Rhine are some of his globally know projects.

“An architect has to have the courage to be innovative, try out new ideas and be a prophet. Timid architects see the limits, not the opportunities that lie in going beyond them.”

Mr. Hadi Teherani utilizes a lot of glass in his buildings because he believes that air, light, and view plays a very important role in the structure. It also raises the standard of the building. He works mainly with contemporary designs and styles. Unlike other architects, he starts designing interior first and then makes his way to the exterior part of the building, so that all the designs are interconnected and have a positive impact on the mind, soul, and body of the people. Mr. Hadi Teherai aims at creating a living space that allows people to connect to their working place or home emotionally. Other items that made it to the catalog of designer Hadi Teherani are the e-bike, the conference table (Thonet), leather seating furniture (Walter Knoll), a modular kitchen (Poggenpohl), lights (Zumtobel/Steng), showrooms and flagship stores (Kiton).

Mr. Hadi Teherani’s work has received and was nominated for multiple awards such as FIABCI Award, MIPIM Awards 2003, 2007 to 2009, and 2014 LEAF Award, CityScape Award and ARX Award. Mr. Hadi Teherani is an alumnus of the Braunschweig University of Technology, where he completed his study of Architecture. He founded “Hadi Teherani AG” in 2003, before this company, he founded the architecture office BRT with his colleagues Bothe, Richter in 1991, worked as a fashion designer at Cologne and taught at Aachen’s Technical University.

Mr. Hadi Teherani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1954, at the age of 6 his family moved to Germany, so he completed his schooling from Hamburg. Mr. Hadi Teherani is a mentor, an entrepreneur, a designer, and a distinguished architect. He has no boundaries when it comes to designing and building because he knows that even the tiniest room speaks a lot about an entire building.

Written by denesof

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