Mohit Nirula


“The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago. The second best time is now.” Chinese proverb


The second innings:

Columbia Pacific Communities, Nirula’s second organization in a 30-year old career allows him to bring to the fore all the skills that he has gained over the past three decades.

A vision that he has created, a culture that he is nurturing, a mission that is “worthy”. Its an opportunity to expand his knowledge and skills working with domain experts in areas as diverse as land acquisition; design and development of the communities; construction – on quality, on time, on budget; sales & marketing of real estate but with heart and empathy, ultimately continuing the association with the buyers and residents by servicing the community and the needs of the residents. His sole objective is to provide our elders with a safe, secure and engaging lifestyle in an environment of genuine warmth and care.

The first innings:

He started in hospitality with The Oberoi Group in 1986. Since 1996, he has been in leadership roles, heading hotels – across brands (Novotel / Trident / Oberoi), geographies (India / Mauritius / Egypt), with a diverse range of responsibilities (Operations / Openings / Renovations / Restorations).

Specialties: Process analysis for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, a passion for detail and maximizing the achievement of potential of colleagues through a mentoring approach. The ability to balance the creative tension that must exist between the means and the end. The means being the way and manner in which he conduct business and the values embodied in our brand, while the end being the hunger and passion necessary to win and out perform competition.

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