Shalini Natraj

Shalini Natraj is the Global HR Head of GSC, Fleet & Strategic Brand at Maersk. With over 19+ years of experience in HRM across various multinational companies, her current responsibilities pan across the end to end life cycle of an employee’s journey at Maersk. Her expertise in building a strong talent agenda to support the ever-changing business is highly valued in the organization. In addition, she is a staunch advocate for strong community relations, diversity and inclusion at Maersk. She has been pivotal in leading programmes that not only enhance an employee’s professional career but also their overall wellbeing. Her recent success was in rolling out the ‘Coaching’ culture across India, China and Manila. An initiative that equipped leaders at Maersk to lead differently and to create a culture of empathetic listening and “asking”, instead of telling resulting in self-managed and engaged teams and customers.

Her talent philosophy is ‘‘You don’t build a business; you build people and teams and then they build the business”. She firmly believes in keeping the employees at the heart of everything and then building a culture of development, care and innovation around them. This has helped Maersk propel their business to a new level, not just within the organization but setting high standards for the whole industry to follow.

Shalini received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bangalore University and Master’s in Human Resources from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. In her personal time, she likes to practice Yoga and meditation.


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