Vijayashree Venkat & Mahesh Sheshadri


HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a Business Management Consulting firm which provides a wide variety of services to businesses to help them grow and thrive in a hyper-competitive world. Coupled with an innovative approach and commitment to its values makes the brand unique amongst other players in the field. Their Agile Process Oriented Solution Model ensures that the solutions provided are tested vigorously before being implemented, analyzed repeatedly for information extraction for future strategies, and watched carefully while being implemented since it’s a process-oriented model.

HumanAlpha’s Strategic thinkers and Implementation Specialists make sure that no stones are left unturned while providing services to clients.

The company was founded by two highly skilled and experienced Business Leaders Vijayashree Venkat and Mahesh Sheshadri. Together, they weaved together a hard-working team which has helped the company grow exponentially over time. The founders’ complementary skills and shared values make sure that every step the company takes is well measured and rooted in values like Empathy, Simplicity, Humility, Integrity and Passion to “make a difference”.

Vijayashree Venkat has an experience of 20+ years with well-known brands like Arvind (Lalbhai Group), Reliance, Mahindra’s, Puravankara & Spar Hypermarket (JV of Landmark Group). She’s a passionate People Leader, and as an Entrepreneur she wears multiple hats of a Strategic Advisor, Coach, Motivational Speaker and Leadership Development facilitator at the same time. She is also a Certified POSH Practitioner and has been Leading Diversity initiatives across her Corporate Career. Her arsenal of experience also includes heading more than 1500+ employees who are responsible for generating a Business revenue of more than INR 750 Cr. Her personal life is not very different from her professional life because the brand that she leads is only a reflection of her personal values which she believes can bring positive changes in the world.

Developing People is her passion and she uplifts human beings in her personal life as a wife, sister, mother, and daughter, and others as a Professional Mentor.

Mahesh Sheshadri has a similar portfolio spanning a variety of industries across the globe from Asia and the Middle East to Europe and the Americas. Experience with well-known companies like DRDO, Robert Bosch, Misys-AllScripts, Quark, Langoor has given Mr Sheshadri a deeper understanding of the nuances which affect business growth. A sound understanding of practices to avoid, and practices to embrace, let him have an upper hand in handling business affairs compared to other business consultants. His most important focus areas are Revenue, Profitability, Productivity, Quality, Agility, Employee Engagement,  Continuous Learning, Innovation & Customer Success while driving Execution Excellence, Operational Excellence and Execution Culture which he believes boosts growth and minimizes loss in businesses.

Both the founders help their team understand the projects and the goals of the brand which keeps the workforce motivated and drives them to retain a high-quality culture which nurtures talent and produces value. This has ensured that every new project the brand has picked up has been thoroughly scrutinized by the eagle-eyed Mahesh Sheshadri and implemented by the calm and patient Vijayashree Venkat. Their complementary personalities have been incredibly helpful in the overall growth of the company in terms of risk management and general well being.

Their integrated effort creates an atmosphere of reliance and compatibility that results in the consistent growth of the company and maintains its stance in the industry. Their social and accommodating nature adds up to the company’s approach towards its clients and reflects their humbleness and groundedness  which helps attract customers and retain the existing customers.

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