Yogesh Agarwal

Yogesh is an innovator, a technologist, an entrepreneur, and a CEO of Daffodil Software. He completed his graduation from Kurukshetra University as a Bachelor of Commerce. Being a coding enthusiast, he started coding at the early age of 16. Turning his passion into his profession, Yogesh founded Daffodil Software; a one-stop solution for web and mobile app engineering.

His will to find simple and innovative solutions is driven by his passion. His work at Daffodil is noteworthy, and his out-of-the-box thinking reflects in the operations at Daffodil. Daffodil is known for adopting state-of-the-art and innovative technologies at an early stage. He oversees primary operations at the organization, which has driven this organization to the success that it is today. Under his leadership, Daffodil was featured as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in India by Deloitte. Daffodil was also recently recognized as a Great Place to Work by the prestigious GTPW Foundation.

Yogesh strives to find simple yet impactful solutions to common problems. His recent invention, Smart Crossing has the potential of reducing traffic congestion and jams by as much as 80% by the support of his innovative design, which will significantly also improve the air quality of the air by reducing the pollution in the city. His inventions have been granted a patent in the US and India.

Yogesh is also fond of animals and is passionate about the fair treatment of the animal. He designed a framework that recommends that any organization dealing in animal products should be responsible for ensuring cruelty-free treatment to animals during the production. He also made sure that this responsibility towards animals is shared by all, by not limiting it within the organization but also extending it by continuous auditing of the vendors they use. This proposal was acknowledged and appreciated by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), and at present, is under consideration to effectuate as a law. He is an exemplary leader and innovator.

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