Syeda Meher Taj

She is an accomplished marketer with nearly two decades of experience in Marketing, Branding and Communication, spanning both B2C and B2B sectors. She is one of the pioneers of Employer Branding in the Indian corporate sector. From strategy to execution, she has led global branding and communication programs while managing cross-functional and cross-cultural

teams. She is a strong communicator with the ability to understand cultural nuances, influence business leaders and inspire the team. It is this ability which has helped her seamlessly envision and execute global campaigns in diverse markets across the globe.

Currently, she Heads External Communication (Media Relations, Social Media, Employer Branding, Industry Events and Associations, and Alumni program) for EY Global Delivery Services across Argentina, India, Philippines, Poland, UK, and China. She led marketing and branding efforts for the new localization strategy of Infosys in Europe in her previous role as Marketing Lead -Localization, Regional Brand and Marketing.

She cut her teeth in Market Research and Brand & Management Consulting in her early career and eventually moved to be an ace GTM, Employer Branding, Social Media Marketing & Localizations expert at Infosys, India’s leading Technology Company for almost 14 years.

In her very early career, her passion for branding and business acumen led her to head major corporate transformation and branding projects under the tutelage of her mentor – the Brand Guru Shombit Sen Gupta of Shining Consultancy. Corporate Transformation of Gati Logistics, Branding and repositioning of Wipro e-peripherals to WeP- Bloom your tech fantasy and Packaging development for Reliance fresh retail label when it launched are a few successful projects she led. In 2006 she started as GTM- Manager at Infosys for their then Communication, Media and Entertainment division and then moved to manage Corporate Brand Programs in 2008. In 2010 when the company faced the iRACE crisis, the company realized the need for an employer branding program, and she was made employer branding lead. She managed the crisis on social media by creating a group of strong brand advocates internally and equipping them with facts and content to negate the negative buzz on social. From there onwards, she went to develop the employer branding function and becoming one of the pioneers of employer branding in India. As global employer branding head, she launched various campaigns to position Infosys as a thought leader and promoter of innovation among the Talent community. ‘

In 2018 she started to head marketing and branding efforts for the new localization strategy for Infosys in Europe and successfully launched and marketed Infosys Strategic Innovation Centers and design studios in Romania, UK, and Germany. Labors of her work have brought recognition to the company as the best employer brand and a winner of several brand and marketing awards both in India as well as internationally.

On the personal front, she is a HG survivor, TEDxPanaji Organizer, a hobby chef, and a mother.

Written by denesof

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