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With a goal to revolutionize the way Indians sleep, Wakefit started R&D in 2015 and formally began its journey in 2016. Three years on, Wakefit has been almost solely responsible for most of the innovation in the otherwise dormant mattress and sleep industry. With the help of a world-class customer experience team that provides expert advice on quality of sleep and its improvement, Wakefit is endeavoring to spread awareness about the science of sleep and the various elements that affect it.


The idea for Wakefit was born after its founders Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda noticed three alarming and recurring patterns in the Indian mattress industry.

First, they found that the foams that are generally used in the mattresses and which have already found their way into homes are largely adulterated with calcium carbonate. This works as an inexpensive filler to constitute the ‘mass’ of the mattress.

Secondly, the different layers of foams that are stacked one against another (up to 7 layers in some cases) as shown in most misleading advertisements, provide no additional benefit at all. Most of the benefits delivered occur only around the topmost layer.

Thirdly, they came to the realization that there was no way that manufacturing a genuine high-quality foam mattress should cost as much as what the current marketplace had been conventionally and conveniently charging as foam manufacturing is a standard process all across the world.


The lack of solutions to these problems is what led to the inception of Wakefit. After receiving a Series A investment from Sequoia Capital, Mr. Garg and Mr. Ramalingegowda set the ball rolling on what they like to term the “democratization of sleep” through the development of products that were created with the science of sleep in mind.

Their current portfolio consists of two mattresses (memory foam and dual comfort), pillows, one bed frame, mattress protectors, neck pillows, bedsheets and back cushions – all of which have successfully kept the company balance sheets happy since FY 2017.



Wakefit, in contrast with most of its competitors, follows a unique delivery model. Every Wakefit product, after in-depth research and development, is tailor-made to customers’ needs is shipped directly from the factory to the customer. Thus ensures significant cost reduction which results directly in significant value addition for the customer.

The USP of the brand is that every product is created after an in-depth analysis of customer perception. To tap into the consumer mindset right from the get-go, the founders visited over 100, took their opinions into consideration and went on to incorporate them into the product line. This mentality underlines all of Wakefit’s operations and it is what keeps them innovating.

Their cutting-edge memory foam mattress is a testament to their drive for achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Powered by extensive research on parameters like body-pressure, weight distribution, foam quality and stress testing, Wakefit managed to create a mattress that can comfortably cushion any and all body-types. This product has over 15 different iterations and has garnered positive reviews from almost all of its buyers.

And this is not all; supplementary with innovative productive line are a variety of supremely beneficial customer services. Wakefit provides a 100-day risk free trial service to its customers, whereby they can test the product to put their minds at ease before they make a purchase. It is also the only company in the industry that provides a 20-year warranty with their products.



Three years of shaping India the sleeping habits has brought home many laurels for Wakefit. On the awards and accolades front, the company bagged ‘Startup of the Year’ at Small Business Awards and ‘Startup of the Year – Home and Lifestyle’ at India Retail and eRetail Congress in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

In 2018, it also won Business Today’s Coolest startup award and received a nomination from SABRE Awards for its ‘One India One Wakefit’ marketing campaign.

On the corporate front, Wakefit in on the path for its planned 3x growth by 2020 and has shown consistent growth in every financial year since its incorporation in 2016. It has serviced over 3 lakh customers over 3 years and received 11,000+ customer reviews across online marketplaces and forums.

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