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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has become the single most popular household fuel. Since, it was introduced in 1955, LPG consumption has gone up tremendously. HP Gas today has over 51 million domestic LPG consumers catered through a huge network distributor. HP Gas, the HPCL brand of LPG, is what keeps the fire burning in millions of Indian homes. Bottled at 45 LPG Bottling Plants throughout the country with a total capacity of nearly 3950 TMTPA (thousand metric tons per annum), HP Gas reaches after thorough checking at every stage right from bottling to distribution.

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HP Gas, the HPCL brand of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), popularly known as cooking gas, is a mixture of hydrocarbons which are gaseous at normal temperature, but can be liquefied at moderate pressure, and can be stored in cylinders as a liquid under pressure, and is drawn out and used as gas. HP Gas is a safe, clean burning, reliable and high calorific value fuel.

That is what makes HP Gas synonymous with Safety. HP Gas reaches the consumers after thorough checking at every stage right from the bottling to distribution. In addition to its use as a domestic fuel, it is also widely used in industries, where there is a requirement of low Sulphur content fuel and fine temperature controls. HP Gas conforms to IS: 4576-1999 specifications.

As a step to restructure HPCL, it undertook business process re-engineering, and HP Gas was identified as a separate strategic business line. Accordingly, LPG regional offices were formed with LPG bottling plants as nodal points, and dedicated HP Gas sales areas were set up. HP Gas is committed to conduct its business safely and it cares for the safety of personnel involved in the business operations as well as its customers and the public. The company strives to keep their business 100 per cent free from accidents, injuries and occupational hazards through an active participation of everyone involved. Online quality checks are automatic with the set program and equipment being very sensitive. Equipment detects non permissible cylinders and put the same in the correction loop automatically and ensures total quality of marketable cylinders. HP GAS is committed to conduct its business in a healthy and environmental friendly manner. The plants and import facilities of HP Gas are ISO 9001:2000 and ISRS certified. In addition to Domestic LPG, HP Gas also markets LPG cylinders for commercial and industrial purposes and bulk LPG by tankers for Industries.

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