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The world of technology is moving faster than ever, companies are bringing finer and superior products to the market daily. Do you think it is possible for one company to independently do that? The answer is NO! Technology brings the best of the best together, a strong partnership driven to provide better products and solutions through innovation. Daffodil Software happens to be one of the top software engineering partners to 100+ organizations across the globe, which has been constantly supporting these enterprises in creating more robust products, building a productive team with efficacy, and more efficient process. The roots of Daffodil speaks of investment in organic growth, passion-driven engineering teams, and professionals and productive eco-system which is a must when it comes to successful collaboration for solving technology challenges. Innovation, learning, and result-oriented mindsets are the foundation of Daffodil.


Industry Roles

Daffodil is a part of many industries that makes a direct impact on society. Daffodil deals with the healthcare industry, software & technology industry, finance sector, real-estate sector, travel & transport industry, public sector, and media & entertainment industry. Daffodil plays a significant role in each of these industries.

Daffodil is focusing on building custom healthcare software that allows HSPs to enhance the digital capabilities and reinvent to cater to the needs of patients in a better collaborative and efficient way. In the field of software & technology, Daffodil works on legitimizing concepts and transformation ideas concerning palpable requirements with the support of proofs backed by data and research. With more than a thousand software solutions, it can bring your vision to reality. Daffodil brings creative design and the latest technology together and develops software that is backed by time-proven methodologies while keeping it economical with efficient efforts. The top priority of a financial sector is safety and security, and Daffodil makes sure to protect the users and critical assets with stratified security and reduces risk, and optimize ROI. Daffodil is the tech-driven bridge that connects buyers with real estate personnel. Today technology is a colossal part of the travel & transport industry, from boosting operational efficiency with AI, RPA, and machine learning to custom dashboards to handle data. System backed by hi-tech and generating tech-enabled solutions to improve efficiency and deliver customer support. Public sector organizations are adopting technologies as Daffodil is providing faster and effective public service by utilizing AI, machine learning, etc. at its optimum level. By redesigning the cost and spending structure, Daffodil delivers quality services for cost-effective citizens.

Offerings of Daffodil

Daffodil offers its service in three verticals: Software Product Engineering, Smart Teams & Enterprise Services.

Software Product Engineering

The software can get very complex and difficult to apply. At Daffodil with the support of teams with hands-on experience, most complex and comprehensive software solutions have come to life, and it is further divided into three segments.

  1. New Product Development

Product ideation, Architecture design, Product UI/UX design, Code development, QA, and testing and Release management.

  1. Product Re-engineering & Migration

Architecture consulting and enhancement, UI/UX modernization, Code restructuring, Product enhancement, Platform migration, Database, and middleware migration.

  1. Product Maintenance & Support

OS up-gradation and enhancement, Tech support, Troubleshooting, and bug fixing.

Smart Teams

Along with taking care of technological requirements, Dafodill also makes its valuable internal resource available for your business refocus and optimize it from the nuclei. Flexibility is the second-best thing and Daffodil provides two outsourcing models.

1. Managed Teams

A team of 600+ developers with flexible engagement is available to amplify the team at any stage of the SDLC and can instantly react to the scale variables. With a constant evaluation with an access R&D, Daffodil takes initiative to make your company adapt to the latest and emerging technologies. The company can control the development process as there is complete transparency due to daily logs.

2. Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Daffodil brings you global expertise at your service along with maintaining an exclusive zone, overlapping time-zone and quality connection, and bandwidth at economical cost will help you establish an off-shore development center in India, with authorized access for teams only with 27×7 CCTV access.

3. Enterprise Services

With comprehensive knowledge of software, technology Daffodil can create concrete strategies and required technologies that are the best fit for your company, which will allow you to enter the digital era fully equipped. With services like process automation, legacy modernization, enterprise mobility, and technology consulting your company can gear up with automation technology to enhance efficiency, profits, and TAT, an optimizing IT system to boost performance and CX, develop integrated and scalable mobile-centric business solutions, and best tech solution for challenging business problems.


Daffodil expertise in various fields. By digitally transforming the business to improving the efficiency of an e-commerce solution to engage customers, make customers journey hassle-free, and increase brand engagement, Daffodil is making headway with digital transformation, digital commerce, and mobility. Daffodil, along with progressive DevOps services and staying ahead in the market with the support of a business model backed by AI and simplifying and managing IoT solutions and ECM solutions. When it comes to security and efficiency, it is directly proportional to Blockchain and it is Daffodil’s expertise. Daffodil manages and optimizes your content on multiple streaming devices via a single channel. Digitalizing educational organization requires interactive, intuitive, and scalable e-learning solutions that will revamp the delivery style. Unless games aren’t interactive and interesting it has no place in the market, Daffodil works with gaming companies to provide a highly interactive, addictive, and engaging gaming experience. Daffodil’s expertise is backed by experience, cutting-edge technology, data, and team with hands-on experience.


Technology can do wonders, with the motive of creating a better society and believing that every being has the right in sharing the resources Daffodil is working towards the cause of child welfare and education, animal welfare, and the environment. Understanding the importance of education and the cost of an uneducated society, Daffodil promotes and pushes the idea of education, healthcare, and job opportunities for children, especially in rural areas. Animal welfare and environmental stability are other causes that Daffodil passionately works on. Daffodil believes in simplifying large complex problems and find an innovative solution and this has been the foundation since 1999. With a strong position in the software development domain, Daffodil has worked with industry marvels to established fortune 500 to innovative startups. The company believes themselves to be equally responsible for their customer’s success which is why they see their customers as partners. Daffodil constantly works on improving and finding a more efficient solution, as every era needs a new revolution.

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Ashwani Kumar Sharma

Dev Batra